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Wellcoms WITSML™ Solutions

Rig Data Aggregation

Wellcoms WITSML™ Server pool and push data from several contractors in various formats:

  • WITSML 1.3.1
  • WITS 0
  • LAS
  • and others

Rig Data Replication

Wellcoms WITSML™ Server replicate the rig data through secure channels, over the Internet, into a centralized online data store.

Your data is encrypted all along the replication process, and stored on a High Availability Database Cluster.

Data Servicing

Wellcoms WITSML™ Server deliver data through secure and private WITSML channels.

Share the data among all contractors, on Rig or Online, with a granular access control for each user.

Online Data Visualization

Wellcoms Webview plots the data on your HTML5 Browser or Tablet, anytime... anywhere...

Actually considered as the best graphics-rendering interface for Well drilling data collected on site.

Energistics Certified Product

Wellcoms achieved the Energistics Certification process and had successfully demonstrated full compliance with WITSML standards.

Wellcoms WITSML™ Servers have been certified as WITSML 1.3.1 compliant

Wellcoms WITSML™ Servers submitted for WITSML 1.4.1 compliance

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